Linux Kernel 5.3 Adds and Removes Massive code for AMD DRM Additions!

How fast can you hit the delete/backspace key? Faster than almost 37k lines of code removed and for an additional almost 500k new lines of code for the new AMD DRM?

Apparently the new AMD NAVI cards are now ready for some Linux goodness with the 5.3 kernel!

“At 479,818 lines of new code and just 36,145 lines of code removed while touching nearly two thousand files, the Direct Rendering Manger (DRM) driver updates for Linux 5.3 are huge. But a big portion of that line count is the addition of AMD Radeon RX 5000 “Navi” support and a good portion of that in turn being auto-generated header files. Navi support is ready for the mainline Linux kernel!” – Phoronix


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