Destiny 2 AGESA Microcode Fix Pulled for Causing System Instability

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AMD’s microcode fix for restoring Destiny 2 on Ryzen 3000 systems has turned out to be quite the rush job. Motherboard manufacturers have been forced to pull AGESA ComboAM4 after AMD alerted them of a bug it had failed to catch.

The microcode reportedly downgrades PCIe speed for the BXB-C in motherboards from Gen 4 to Gen 2, causing system instability. AMD is on the case…

Motherboard manufacturers are on a tight schedule to release new firmware for their existing AMD 300-and 400-series products. Bug detection requires thorough testing, precious time which motherboard vendors, unfortunately, don’t have at the moment. As Tan has noted, sometimes it’s a lose-lose situation. There’s a public backlash if a company rolls out a firmware too quickly and overlooks a bug or if it takes too long to release one.


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