Massive Endeavour OS Linux Benchmarks for Your Pleasure!

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Who likes benchmarks? Who likes linux? Who likes meatloaf?

Everybody of course…. except weird uncle Al…

The guys at Phoronix have completed a mass of benchmarks for all you folks of the new Endeavour Linux OS. Lots of graphs and pretty pictures and all sorts of goodies! Based off of the Arch linux so all you Arch guys check it out! Almost bleeding edge with kernel 5.2 and stuffs!

Endeavour OS is based on Arch rolling and with last week’s ISO had the Linux 5.2 kernel, defaulted to the Xfce desktop environment, uses X.Org Server 1.20.5, Mesa 19.1.2, and GCC 9.1 as the default compiler. EXT4 is the default file-system for Endeavour OS with its Calamares-powered installer.” – Phoronix

So get your VMs and/or spare pc’s ready and try out Endeavour OS!


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