Who still uses Facebook?

Apparently everybody the way the revenue keeps coming in for them.

Even after all the fines and whatnot they are still pulling in record profits.

Lemmings I tell you!

For the three months to June 30:

  • Revenues of $16.6bn were up 28 per cent from the year-ago quarter.
  • Net income was $2.6bn, a 49 per cent decrease on the quarter. This is largely due to a $2bn wedge Facebook coughed up, in addition to the $3bn already set aside, to foot the $5bn settlement fee owed to Uncle Sam’s trade regulator, the FTC, regarding its privacy snafus, and a separate $1.1bn charge related to recent changes [PDF] in stock compensation rules. Facebook also owes America’s financial watchdog $100m for misleading investors.
  • Earnings per share of $0.91 were short of the $1.88 analyst forecast, but Facebook notes that absent the tax and settlement charges, EPS would have been $1.99.
  • Daily active users were up 8 per cent, with 1.59 billion people using the antisocial network on a day-to-day basis. Monthly active users were also up 8 per cent, at 2.41 billion.” – The Register

There is no such thing as privacy anymore and the people just don’t care. Madness I tell you!


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