Next-Gen AMD Ryzen Threadripper Codenames, Benchmark Spotted

AMD’s codenames for its third- and fourth-generation lineup of Threadripper chips have appeared on the AIDA64 database. While “Vermeer” isn’t new (Zen 3/Ryzen 4000), “Genesis” is. Many believe that’s the name for Threadripper 4000 because it alludes to a mountaintop, similar to previous generations (e.g., Castle Peak, Colfax Peak).

Performance metrics and specifications for a Threadripper 3000 CPU have also appeared on UserBenchmark. The part has a base clock of 3.6 GHz and an average boost clock of 4.05 GHz. It managed to score 94% better than its contenders in single core, 95% better in quad core, and 189% better in multi core.

The memory of the system tested ran at 3,200 MT / s (1,600 MHz). Interesting to see are some of the codenames, AMD Sharktooth and the mobo at AMD WhiteHavenOC-CP. It will be interesting to see what models AMD is going to release, we can expect that AMD will introduce CPUs with 24 and 32 cores. We honestly don’t think a 16-core part would make the market, as Ryzen 3000 will do that just fine.


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