Commercialization of the Moon Sooner than You Think!

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To the moon and back? Or just to the moon to stay?

It appears our dreams of moon commercialization may be way sooner than you think thanks to Bigalow Aerospace!

Basically making giant inflatable structures for very easy setup.

The BEAM project has proven enormously successful, and at least for now Bigelow Aerospace is concentrating on the manufacture of more inflatable and expandable modules suitable for all off-planet environments. Its next project is to send a pair of modules (the BA 330) into space and connect them to each other to create an entirely new, privately-owned space station, which Robert Bigelow plans to call Space Station Alpha.” – Ancient Origins

Yes, Bigalow might be a UFO nut but he is a rich one and getting stuff done WITH NASA approval. He already makes hardened inflatable structures here on Earth.

Bigalow Aerospace


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