Bethesda Re-releases the First Three DOOM Games, but Now They Require an Online Account

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UPDATE: Bethesda has announced it is working on making logins optional.

To celebrate the franchise’s 25th Anniversary, Bethesda has re-released the first three DOOM games on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. There’s a laughable caveat, however: players need to log in to their Accounts in order to play them.

That’s an interesting requirement for DOOM, which is primarily an offline, single-player experience, with multiplayer being local. Bethesda has also delisted the original Xbox ports, presumably to goad fans into paying for the new, native versions (which happen to have less features).

Doom II’s Xbox 360 version originally launched with a console-exclusive expansion pack, “No Rest For The Living,” and that has not been brought back in today’s new Xbox One version. Worse, both of the first two games have lost all of their online gameplay modes (deathmatch, co-op). From what I can tell, Doom 3’s full “BFG Edition” package has been kept intact, complete with its pair of expansion packs.


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