Silicon Lottery Expects to Go Out of Business as AMD, Intel Optimize CPU Binning

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Silicon Lottery’s owners have admitted that it’s the beginning of the end for their company. Selling cream-of-the-crop CPUs may no longer be viable because AMD and Intel are getting exceptionally good at maxing out the potential of their chips for enthusiasts, whether by aggressive binning or better auto-overclocking technologies.

The revelation came as Silicon Lottery released its binned assortment of Ryzen 3000 series CPUs, which saw little overclocking headroom. As ExtremeTech puts it, “the end of high-performance overclocking may be nigh.”

Manufacturers used to have the luxury of leaving overclocking headroom in their products because they didn’t need that headroom to sell you a meaningful upgrade. Now, they do — and they’re tapping what little headroom remains for themselves.


Tsing Mui
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