Diablo Has Been Ported to Web Browsers

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Why surf the web when you can play Blizzard’s 1996 hack-and-slash classic instead? RivSoft has set up a site that lets visitors play the original shareware build of Diablo, which “allows access to the first two areas of the dungeon, and locks out two of the three playable classes and many of the NPC townsfolk.”

Those who own the original can drag and drop DIABDAT.MPQ onto the page to unlock the game in its full glory. The port was derived from Devilution, a GitHub-hosted project comprising Diablo’s original source code.

It’s fun to jump in for 20 minutes or so: I’d forgotten how easy it is just to boot up the first Diablo. There are no overlong cutscenes, no interminable scrolling dialogue sequences, virtually no fanfare at all: you turn up in the town, you walk (very slowly, granted) to the dungeon, and then you start murdering skeletons.


Tsing Mui
News poster at The FPS Review.

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