SNK Teases “Next-Gen” Neo Geo Hardware

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SNK hasn’t released a genuine console since 1997’s Hyper Neo Geo 64, but the legendary company may be getting back in the hardware game. According to a tweet on its official Twitter account, a “next-gen” Neo Geo console that complements the Neo Geo Mini is in development.

SNK released the Mini just last month, a hand-sized Neo Geo modeled after an arcade unit, but fans have complained about its crappy controls and poor video output. The company could be addressing these complaints with a more authentic, full-sized Neo Geo unit.

I recently took a look at the Samurai Shodown model and was a little indifferent. It’s built well and has a great collection of games, but the controllers stink and the TV output is bad. If we can keep that device and somehow improve it, then this new Neo Geo might be an interesting prospect. I’m not expecting much, though.


Tsing Mui
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