Enermax REVOLUTION DF 850W Power Supply Review

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Enermax Technology Company is a company that is well known in the world of power supplies and general computing alike. Founded in 1990, Enermax has made a name for itself by providing solid performing power supplies, among other computer components, cases, and accessories. Enermax’ current lines of power supplies encompass a wide range of products targeted at various market segments.

In addition to being a retail presence with its Enermax brand power supplies, Enermax Technology Corporation used to be one of the few true OEM designers of power supplies. Its power supplies, however, only rarely showed up under other labels including Grow Up Japan, Sapphire, and its house brand Lepa with that time of independent design and production seems to have passed. Today, we are looking at the REVOLUTION DF 850W (ERF850EWT) which is produced in conjunction with CWT.

Channel Well Technology (CWT) was founded and began manufacturing power supplies in 1993. Since 1993 Channel Well Technology products have shown up under various guises including Antec, Xclio, 2theMax, CWT, Thermaltake, Xigmatek, and Corsair.

While most familiar to our US users from when it used to provide OEM services for Antec, CWT is one of the more complete OEM manufacturers as it has a fairly high level of vertical integration providing transformers all the way up to its well designed independently regulated SMPS. Recently, however, CWT has begun stretching out and is providing OEM services for a number of brands as today’s unit demonstrates.

A Dust (and destruction?) Free REVOLUTION, For Once

The Enermax REVOLUTION DF 850W is the first power supply we have seen from Enermax here at TheFPSReview. However, Enermax has been a major industry player in the PSU realm for close to 20 years now. In that time, they have produced power supplies that fit in just about every DC output capacity class out there when it comes to ATX12/EPS units.

Today, the REVOLUTION DF 850W is coming in at a hefty 850W but that is not nearly the top end of the spectrum from Enermax in capacity. As such, this unit might have the three bears problem licked for a lot of users and that may bring a lot of attention to this unit. Lot’s of attention can be a good thing if you perform well, and Enermax has a history of performing well, but not if you are to far on the expensive side of things. However, before we move on to see how the REVOLUTION DF 850W does and what it costs, what does Enermax have to say about this unit:

REVOLUTION D.F. is a full modular power supply series with 80 PLUS® Gold certified efficiency. In addition, REVOLUTION D.F. comes with an exclusive D.F. switch design which offers users to activate the patented DFRTM (Dust Free Rotation) technology anytime they desire. 100% Japanese 105°C electrolytic capacitors ensure perfect durability. The built-in SAC(Smart Airflow Control) design guarantees a nearly silent operation within 70% system load. REVOLUTION D.F. is surely a perfect match for gaming systems or multi-media workstations.

Let’s move on now and see what we can expect when a user purchases the Enermax REVOLUTION DF 850W power supply in retail in terms of documentation, accessories, cable count, rail layout, output characteristics, and general build quality.

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