AMD Reportedly Prepping High-End Navi GPU Referred to Internally as “The NVIDIA Killer”

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The Radeon Technology Group may have a secret weapon that could shift the balance of the GPU war. According to Red Gaming Tech (who claims to have leaked the release date for Ryzen 3000/Navi and the existence of 7 nm Vega for gamers, among other things), AMD is working on two high-end Navi cards, the Navi 21 and Navi 23.

The latter, more powerful variant is being referred to internally as “the NVIDIA killer.” These will supposedly launch sometime next year, possibly with second-generation RDNA and ray tracing support. AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su is reportedly “growing frustrated for not having an answer to the higher-end NVIDIA SKUs.”

Now, understand this wording from AMD isn’t typical internally, and to his knowledge, this kind of confidence wasn’t shown (internally at least), by AMD Engineers either for Vega or for even Polaris launch. It’s worth noting – that “NVIDIA Killer” is pretty vague, so it is very possible that this isn’t necessarily referring to raw performance, but possibly performance vs price too.


Tsing Mui
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