Huawei Announces Open-Source Android Replacement HarmonyOS

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Huawei has a lot less to fear in the event of a full-blown Android ban by Google and the U.S. government. The Chinese tech giant has announced its own operating system, HongmengOS, otherwise known as HarmonyOS in English territories.

The software will debut on “smart screen products” but work across a variety of other devices (e.g., smartphones, laptops, wearables) and provide a seamless experience. Like Android, it’s open source, which means third parties could adopt and tweak it. Huawei claims HarmonyOS is faster than Google’s software.

Yu reiterated that Huawei would prefer to use Android on its smartphones, but if it had to migrate to HarmonyOS, that would not be difficult. He said moving to the new OS would only take one or two days and it is “very convenient.”


Tsing Mui
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