Potential 3rd Gen Ryzen Threadripper Scores Spotted on Geekbench

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Entries for a 32-core, 64-thread monster called the “Sharktooth” have appeared on Geekbench, and most signs point to it being a 3rd generation, Zen 2-based Threadripper part. The 3.6 GHz CPU (100-000000011-11) has the same configuration as the 2990WX and was tested on a “WhiteHavenOC-CP” motherboard with 128 GB of memory.

In one result, Sharktooth managed a single-core score of 5677 and 94772 multi-core score. It scored even higher in the other, achieving a single-core score of 5932 (and multi-core score of 93344). That’s about a 7 to 10% single-core and 35% multi-core performance increase over the current Threadripper flagship.

With Zen 2 powering AMD’s Ryzen 3000 chips and the recently revealed 2nd-gen Epyc CPUs, it appears the next product to use the architecture will be the 3rd-generation of Threadripper CPUs, codenamed Castle Peak. We don’t know when these HEDT processors will arrive, but a possible appearance in Geekbench suggests they might only be a few weeks away.


Tsing Mui
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