Intel: “Good Job, AMD, but We Still Have the Highest-Performing CPUs”

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Intel may be facing a lot of pressure from AMD these days, but that won’t stop its execs from throwing a little shade on the competition. During Gamescom, Sales Director of PC Gaming Troy Severson pointed out that while the Ryzen 9 3900X was a formidable adversary, the i9-9900K remains the fastest gaming CPU in the world.

“A year ago when we introduced the i9 9900K,” says Intel’s Troy Severson, “it was dubbed the fastest gaming CPU in the world. And I can honestly say nothing’s changed. It’s still the fastest gaming CPU in the world.”

Severson insists that’s been proven by real-world testing. Benchmarks that suggest otherwise are made up, evidently.

“I think you’ve heard a lot of press from the competition recently, but when we go out and actually do the real-world testing, not the synthetic benchmarks, but doing real-world testing of how these games perform on our platform, we stack the 9900K against the Ryzen 9 3900X. They’re running a 12-core part and we’re running an eight-core.”

He later hints that AMD will never take the gaming crown, but time will tell just how well Intel’s 10 nm parts compare to later iterations of Zen.

“So, again, you are hearing a lot of stuff from our competition,” says Severson.” I’ll be very honest, very blunt, say, hey, they’ve done a great job closing the gap, but we still have the highest performing CPUs in the industry for gaming, and we’re going to maintain that edge.”


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