Google’s Android Studio Kills Lots of Bugs and Focuses on Stability

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Who’s a good code monkey?

If you are into building Android Apps this news will make you happy.

Finally focusing on stability and performance rather than new features this time around. Google’s Android Studio program has killed over 600 bugs in its latest 3.5 iteration!

“A key goal for Android Studio is to provide tools that allow you to quickly edit and validate code changes in your app. When we created Instant Run, we wanted to dramatically accelerate your development flow, but we know that the feature fell short of those expectations. As a part of Project Marble, we’ve been working on rethinking Instant Run, and are replacing it in Android Studio with a more practical solution called Apply Changes. Initially previewed in the canary channel of Android Studio 3.5, Apply Changes is the new way to predictably accelerate your development workflow. In this post, we want to give a little more insight into the feature, how it works, and our journey so far.” Medium

It is so rare to see that happen. Usually the new features add a ton more bugs. Glad they are not focusing on that.

So get to coding and make some crazy awesome apps! Make sure they are useful though…

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