New Wine 4.02 Maintenance Release is Out and About

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Do you like white or red wine?

The WineHQ has released version 4.02 of their Windows compatibility layer program! Lots of bug fixes this time around.

  15934  Can't see Worms 2 intro films as they play (mciavi32 missing support to MCI_MCIAVI_PLAY_FULLSCREEN)
  18099  No keyboard response in Super Mario 3 remake
  19098  Regedit randomly crashes when deleting registry keys
  21403  Shiva Editor/Evochron: Mercenary refuse to run with built-in dinput/dinput8.dll
  23455  FileAlyzer, Affinity-installer- can't load PE images (needs imagehlp.ImageLoad and imagehlp.ImageUnload implementation)
  26445  URLDownloadToFileW does not support FTP URLs
  28847  LabChart Reader 7.x crashes due to missing wmvcore 'IWMProfileManager2', CLSID '{7a924e51-73c1-494d-8019-23d37ed9b89a}'
  33845  Warframe (Steam) updater fails to replace 'Launcher.exe', reports sharing violation
  33904  Face Noir demo crashes on start without native d3dx9_36 ('D3DXLoadSkinMeshFromXof' must return 'ID3DXSkinInfo' interface even with no skinning info present)
  36764  Rogue Squadron 3D 1.3: Unable to setup controller in-game
  37784  wine-mono does not appear in "wine uninstaller" list on a 64-bit prefix
  37871 downloader (.NET 3.5 app) wants wininet.GetUrlCacheConfigInfoA/W implementation

And many more!

Full List of Fixes

So have at it!


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