Latest Lenovo Security Exploit

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Let go of my Lenovo. Lenovo just can’t seem to get a break, or at least stop providing ways for people to break into their laptops. Over the years there have been a number of exploits from SuperFish to hard coded passwords that even a cat walking across the keyboard could unlock. I have to give credit to PcPer as the first place I first read about this one. I recommend going there to see more links for the plethora of other exploits in order to better understand the depths of things a laptop owner may need to consider.

Now that bundled software may have more detrimental effects than just some bloating. On August 18th, Lenovo posted about this gift that keeps on giving. I have a personal saying that I often share with coworkers. A solution is only a solution when it does not create more problems. Well, that saying definitely has some application here with the Lenovo Solution Center so if you have this pesky ware still installed best to get rid of it. This particular exploit has the potential to allow privilege escalation. Thankfully it has a simple solution so just about anybody can do it. Ironically enough it is what a lot of us would do anyway so get to uninstalling that bundle of not-so-joy. For those that really want to keep it then there is another alternative. Users can install Vantage in its place.


Peter Brosdahl
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