AMD Vulkan Support Now in FFMPEG in Linux

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Spock or the Vulcan Canon?

Or are we talking about AMD’s Vulcan stuffs?

The FFMPEG guys have just added support for AMD’s Vulcan API!

Very handy for anything video related. If you are watching videos or encoding them this will help out tremendously.

“To use h.264(AMD VCE) encoder on linux amdgru-pro version 19.20+ and
amf-amdgpu-pro package(amdgru-pro contains, but does not install
automatically) are required.

This driver can be installed using amdgpu-pro-install script in
official amd driver archive.”

Great going FFMPEG guys! I know a lot of people were looking forward to this feature. Usually for video encoding/decoding for Linux you have to go with an NVIDIA card. This really does change things more and more. AMD has really been supporting Linux the past year.

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