Want your brand new 5700XT to run cooler or maybe just a bit quiter? Well it could be as easy as changing out some thermal pads.

Thermal Grizzly is getting some great publicity this week. Two different product lines showing up on two different sites. Both showing significant performance improvements in cooling. So watch out OEMs as this grizzly is chowing down on heat dissipation and showing everyone how to be cooler.

The latest coverage has come from Gamers Nexus showing how replacing the stock pads on the MSI Evoke 5700XT can decrease both temperatures and noise.


Have to give credit to the guys for going into detail with this. They even provided a 4k video detailing their process so well worth a quick trip over there to view.

After reading the article over at Guru3d earlier this week on thermal cooling paste, their results using a product from Thermal Grizzly, and then this one as well I am beginning to wonder how long until someone releases a Thermal Grizzly Edition Card. Seems like the right combination of products could easily lower temperatures by upwards of 10c. That is enough to help out with any overclocking.

I admit I cant remember reading many articles about changing cooling pads for GPUs but have occasionally seen some posts in threads so go ahead share your stories in the forum. I have, however, changed out bushings on cars and 4WDs to improve handling but that is not quite the same.


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