New Palemoon v28.7.0 is Out Today

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One of my favorite web browsers just received an update to v28.7.0 today!

If you have never heard of the Pale Moon Browser check it out. It is a fast and lean fork of Firefox from a while back, not modern FF. No tracking or any of the junk the modern browsers have.

There is a pretty big update with some major stuff done to the heart of the browser.

“This is a major development update involving a partial JavaScript engine overhaul and improvement, implementing several website-impacting changes. It should be noted that these changes follow some revisions of specifications (also adopted by mainstream browsers) that are not necessarily backwards compatible for web content as some scripting behavior has changed. If you are targeting Pale Moon specifically (e.g. through ua sniffing) please check and verify the behavior is still as expected.”Palemoon

So go on and give her a try!

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