Fairphone 3 Is Now Accepting Pre-Orders

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Are you looking for a new phone?

Would you like something that you can actually fix yourself if something breaks in it without tearing your hair out?

Fairphone has just the phone for you. The Fairphone 3 is now taking pre-orders starting today.

It is a completely modular phone. Meaning that you can really rip the thing apart easily and replace components without hassle. They even include a screwdriver for you in the box.

The specs are not too bad. Starting with a Android 9, a Snapdragon 623 CPU, 4GB RAM, 64GB Internal Storage, and a 3000mHA battery.

Apparently they are also working on allowing alternative Operating Systems to be installed at a later date too. How cool is that?

The only bad thing is they are not sure if it works on US networks. So EU only for now unless you want to be a guinea pig.

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