Intel’s Clear Linux Dominates the Lower End Devices too

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Benchmarks ahoy!

But not for fast fast device but just the opposite. How often do you see a “Celeron” on a benchmarking block?

The guys at Phoronix are making some really cool benchmarks comparing Intel’s streamlined Linux OS vs Ubuntu and Fedora on a Celeron internet of things (IoT) device.

With Intel being both a chip designer and now designing their own version of Linux around their architecture you know who is going to win. But you probably don’t know by how much.

“The UP Squared as a reminder has the dual-core Celeron N3350, 2GB of RAM, 32GB of eMMC storage, and Intel HD Graphics 500. It’s quite a simple and low-end SBC by today’s standards but surprisingly when putting Clear Linux on it still there was more performance to be squeezed out compared to Ubuntu 19.04 or Fedora 30.”Phoronix

Does this make you want to try it out on your intel based devices? I know it does for me. So check it out and do some experimenting guys and gals!

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