The US Navy Joins the Ranks of Youtubers

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Looking for a few good men?

If you are not then the Navy is.

Moving into the 21st century the US Navy is looking for famous Youtubers to help make cool videos for them. With the theme of “Sailors vs …..” there should be a lot of good stuff going out.

“In one video, YouTuber Kevin Lieber, known as VSauce2, deconstructs the algorithms used in the board game “Battleship.” Lieber, who has 4.1 million followers, played the game with a submariner aboard the attack submarine USS Pasadena. As they played, Lieber explained mathematical probabilities.

Those who visit Lieber’s channel can find a link to a Navy-produced video in which he details what “nukes,” like the submariner he played “Battleship” with, do aboard nuclear-powered vessels as well as see a behind-the-scenes video.”Pilot Online

There are a couple of videos up already and they are really neat. Sure there are recruiting vids at the end but that is to be expected.

Gives you a glimpse into NAVY life. Both the serious and non-serious parts to the job.

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