der8auer on Ryzen 3000 Boosting : “It’s Worse Than I Thought”

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Overclocking guru der8auer had surveyed nearly 3,000 third-gen Ryzen CPU owners to get to the bottom of AMD’s boosting controversy. The results are now in and not in the company’s favor, especially with the higher-ended variants.

Only 5.6% of the Ryzen 9 3900X chips managed to hit their advertised boost speeds, for instance. Things were a little brighter for cheaper parts, such as the Ryzen 5 3600, which managed to see half boosting correctly.

Der8auer carefully selected the results that went into the survey, where he discarded any numbers that used either specialized cooling like water chillers, Precision Boost Overdrive – PBO or the results which were submitted by “fanboys” who wanted to game the result. Testing was purely scientific using Cinebench R15 and clock speeds were recorded using HWinfo (which got recommendation from AMD), so he could get as precise data as possible.


Tsing Mui
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