Facebook Tests Removal of Like Counts to Reduce User Anxiety

Facebook users may no longer need to worry about how many Likes their expensive wedding or summer getaway receives. Reverse-engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong cracked into the social network’s official app and discovered that the company is testing the removal of Like counts from public view.

While the motive is still a secret, Facebook is probably doing away with the metric to increase engagement. Users will be more likely to share content if there isn’t a “score” attached to each post.

…large Like counts…can make other users self-conscious of their of own lives and content. That’s all problematic for Facebook’s ad views. Facebook wants to avoid scenarios such as “Look how many Likes they get. My life is lame in comparison” or “why even share if it’s not going to get as many Likes as her post and people will think I’m unpopular”.


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