Acer Says Its Predator PowerGem Thermal Pad Boosts CPU Performance by over 12%

Acer has unveiled a new thermal pad for cooling CPUs called the Predator PowerGem, which can supposedly conduct heat nearly four times faster than copper. The result is an increase in power envelope over 77% and improved CPU performance of up to 12.5%.

Whether the TIM/pad will be sold in the DIY market is unknown. Acer did tease PowerGem for its upcoming Helios laptop and Orion desktop systems, however.

Outside of the increased heat conductivity, it is expected this could reduce the size of heatsinks/vapor chambers inside of laptops allowing for higher performing and potentially thinner and lighter devices. Acer plans to use the PowerGem in the new versions of its Helios 700 series laptops and Orion 9000 desktops.


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