ASRock Launches the World’s Only Completely Watercooled X570 Motherboard

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ASRock has announced that the X570 AQUA Motherboard will soon be available for purchase. This happens to be the world’s only X570 motherboard that is completely watercooled, with all-copper cooling blocks on the CPU, VRM, and chipset.

The X570 AQUA also features IR3555 Dr.MOS for intelligent high-power delivery, as well as a server-grade PCB motherboard that is less prone to bending. No pricing has been released yet, but ASRock claims only 999 units will be produced.

Water flow through the custom AQUA Cooling Armor heatsink is skillfully designed to dissipate the heat of the CPU, VRM and chipset as efficiently as possible. The coolant flows along three separate paths so that each of these critical areas is cooled individually. This smart multi-path design also reduces water resistance inside the cooling block, allowing faster coolant flow for more efficient cooling.


Tsing Mui
News poster at The FPS Review.

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