Intel Admits Losing Market Share to AMD, Vows to “Aggressively Compete”

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Despite being obvious at this point, Intel has confirmed that AMD’s recent triumphs with Ryzen have forced it into a tighter corner. Vice president of the Sales and Marketing Group (and director of Microprocessor Marketing and Business Planning) Jason Grebe blamed the turn of the tide on supply issues, which he believes affected both mobile and desktop share.

Intel will apparently “get more aggressive” once that situation resolves to gain back market share. The company also plans to compete with NVIDIA in the GPU business “1.5 years, two years” from now.

In general, if there is a CPU sale happening on the planet, we want to be involved in it. So we don’t look at any segment of the market and say, okay, we are going to walk away from that segment or that we’re not be interested there. We want to aggressively compete in all segments.

As we have gone through the supply issue kind of in the last six to 12 months on the PC side, we had to walk away from some low-end mobile share as well as some channel desktop share. But as we continue to improve our supply situation, we’ll continue to get more aggressive there. – Jason Grebe, Intel.


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