Tesla’s Pickup Truck Will “Most Likely” Be Unveiled in November, Says Elon Musk

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It won’t be long until the world gets its first official glimpse of Tesla’s much-hyped electric pickup truck. In a Twitter exchange yesterday, a fan quizzed Elon Musk about the chances of an October unveiling, to which he replied: “November most likely.”

The pickup remains a closely guarded secret, but Musk did tease its design back in March. According to the Tesla CEO, the truck will sport a futuristic “cyberpunk Blade Runner” aesthetic.

…Tesla does need to be quick because competitors are threatening to be first to market. Rivian, a startup company which has yet to release its first vehicle, was recently spotted testing its upcoming R1T truck in Tierra del Fuego. At last year’s LA Auto Show unveiling, Rivian’s truck was a huge hit.


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