OtherSide Entertainment Releases System Shock 3 Trailer

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The age of good old IPs making comebacks continues. The original System Shock debuted back in 1994 for PCs and Macs alike at a time when consoles reigned. It quickly gained a large fan base even though some would say it never reached blockbuster status. The IP has changed hands a bit, spawned a sequel, and had a re-release of the original game back in 2015 called System Shock:Enhanced Edition. At one point there was a push to remake the original using the Unreal 4 engine. This in turn has actually led to a whole new game

Source: System Shock 3 Pre Alpha Gameplay Teaser 1080p Screenshot

This was one of the original AI gone bad and I mean really, really, bad type of games. This new trailer looks to continue much of the same with modern visuals. We should see this get released in 2020. Head over to OtherSide Entertainment for some cool screenshots.

At a glance it reminds me of Prey with Alien Isolation, and a touch of Dead Space. Not a bad mix for sure. Tell us what you think and of your experiences with the past games.


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