AMD: We’ll “Consider Adding Support” for Radeon Image Sharpening on Vega GPUs

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Vega GPU owners who want AMD’s Radeon Image Sharpening may want to make some noise. The company added that feature to Polaris GPUs this week with a driver update, but Vega GPUs were left in the dust. With the ruckus increasing from RX Vega and Radeon VII owners, AMD has released the following statement:

“AMD will gauge end user reception and demand for Radeon Image Sharpening,” says AMD in response to our questions about future Vega support, “and will consider adding support for additional Radeon RX graphics cards in the future.”

Until the Navi-powered RX 5700 XT and RX 5700 GPUs were released this summer those were the most powerful Radeon graphics cards available and it’s a bit of a shame if they’re not going to get the same level of support as the ageing Polaris GPUs.


Tsing Mui
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