Tesla Model S with “Plaid” Powertrain Beats Porsche Taycan’s Nürburgring Record

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It’s only been two weeks since Porsche unveiled its first fully electric sports car, but Tesla is already teasing an upgraded version of the Model S that can beat the Taycan. An observer at the Nürburgring claims that a Model S equipped with the company’s new three-motor “Plaid” powertrain bested the Porsche by 20 seconds, doing a lap in just 7:23 minutes.

The rounds were presumably done to test the viability and potential of the powertrain, but it also had the unintended (or intended) effect of taking the Porsche Taycan down a notch for enthusiasts who were convinced that Tesla couldn’t match the peformance of the German automaker. Prospective Model S/X/Roadster owners may want to exercise a little patience, as the upcoming powertrain (and chassis) upgrades seem pretty special.

Tesla’s new time isn’t likely to be official, but the company has been rumored to have some time slots to attempt record times later this month. However, if Tesla really attempts a record time to beat the Taycan, it is likely going to be disputed as being achieved with a non-production vehicle.


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