Tariffs Have Been Lifted on Graphics Cards, Motherboards, and Other PC Parts

Saner pricing could be returning to Chinese-manufactured PC parts. The US Trade Representative has granted a one-year exemption on certain hardware, which excuses them from the previously imposed 25 percent tariff.

These include graphics cards and motherboards, as well as desktop cases, mice that are valued over $70, trackpads valued at over $100, and power supplies that output more than 500 watts. Tariffs seem to be intact for assembled desktops, some storage drives, and CPU coolers, however.

A year ago, the Trump administration began imposing a 10 percent duty on many PC components made in China. Then in May, the tariff rate rose to 25 percent. In response, the electronics supply chain has been shifting some manufacturing away from China to areas such as Taiwan and Vietnam to avoid the tariffs.


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