VGC Interviews Cyberpunk 2077 Designer Max Pears

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VGC was able to get some quality time with CyberPunk 2077 designer Max Pears at the Tokyo Game Show. Even if not a fan of The Witcher 3 it can be noted that CD Projekt Red has gained quite a fan base for it’s handling of the franchise. This is a bit of an accomplishment in a time when some AAA developers have managed to either alienate or completely lose touch with their customers. They have established a proven track record for both supporting their games as well as DLC’s that can add substantial content.


Pears shared that they’ve paid close attention to many details of the initial roll out and subsequent DLC for Witcher 3. In its successes they will likely try to apply similar strategies to Cyberpunk with expanding the Cyberpunk universe. Quality of life updates will also play a role as it did with Witcher 3.

Some things that have already been announced for post release:

  • Adding Multiplayer mode
  • Free DLC
  • New single player content

In the mood for some more reading? Well they also have an interview with senior concept artist Marthe Jonkers. Some nice screenshots to be seen there as well.


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