AMD Is Slaughtering Intel in CPU Sales at German Retailer Mindfactory

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AMD is doing remarkably well at Mindfactory, one of Germany’s most popular internet retailers. A redditor has compiled the shop’s sales data over the last five years into a chart, which provides a pretty shocking picture at how much better Ryzen is selling over Intel chips.

Just a few years ago, Intel fueled 75% of sales, with ~12,000 CPUs sold compared to AMD’s paltry ~4,000. The tide began changing with the introduction of Ryzen, and now, thanks in large part to its third generation, AMD appears to have two-thirds of the market.

Despite being a modest refresh of Zen, Pinnacle Ridge propelled AMD into first place. Despite Coffee Lake’s impressive performance, it took almost no time at all for AMD to soar into first place in sales. Near the end of 2018, AMD had two-thirds of the market despite the Coffee Lake refresh, spearheaded by the eight-core Core i9-9900K having launched around this time.


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