PC, Xbox One Players Pissed about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s PS4-Exclusive Mode

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Assuming the price is right, Activision couldn’t care less about parity between ports. The publisher has managed to piss off plenty of Call of Duty fans by making the game’s Spec Ops Survival mode a year-long exclusive for the PlayStation 4, which is bad news for PC and Xbox One owners who want the full multiplayer experience.

After some lengthy outrage on reddit and social media, Infinity Ward’s narrative director Taylor Kurosaki pointed out that PS4’s Survival mode was just one part of the Spec Ops experience. He also suggested that the choice was wholly Activision’s: “These are complicated decisions above our pay grade.”

Since 2015, Sony has enjoyed a timed-exclusive, first crack at Call of Duty post-launch downloadable content, picking up that deal after Microsoft offered similar exclusivity for the five years prior. Last week’s announcement made it sound like that arrangement was changing, but the open beta’s two day preview on PlayStation 4, plus an exclusive 2v2 Alpha test on that console, is a reminder that it’s still very much in effect.


Tsing Mui
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