Red Dead Redemption 2 Gets a New Classification

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As the rumor churns. Well since last fall’s release of Red Dead Redemption many have speculated about a possible PC release. Some noted how in the past Rockstar Games released iterations of Grand Theft Auto about a year, or more, after their console counterparts. This would mean that we might be near a reveal for a release date. Dark Side of Gaming(DSOG) has been keeping close tabs on the many rumors leading up to this. Let’s take a look of a rumors or mentions of the past 6 months. Here’s a link to the search page used for this story over as DSOG showing the numerous articles I reference below plus a few more.

  • May-June: A couple of employees had either hinted at or posted working on a PC edition on social media. One removed their post after it went viral. A CEO from Take Two actually stated of the ease and no real downside to a release. An odd thing to mention at a investor conference.
  • July: Code is discovered inside Rockstar’s social club app mentioning “RDR2_PC_Accomplishments”. Kind of an odd placeholder if not intending a potential release. A GTA forum member discovers more oddities in the RDR2 companion app with code/script referencing DX11 graphics settings. HTML code was discovered and removed from the social club showing the game with a PC logo.
  • Sept: Most recently DSOG is now reporting how RDR2 has successfully received a new classification in Australia. This could be for forthcoming re-release for new consoles coming out. It could also be for a PC release.

This is a lot of rumor and speculation and should be taken as such. It is also strange that a game so many would want to come to PC would get so many PC specific references without being in actual development. For those still holding out on hope for the first game. It is pretty well documented that the first game would likely need a complete re-do versus some kind of port unlike RDR2. Thanks to DSOG for all their coverage in tracking the ongoing details with this game.

Anyone have some stories to add to this? Please post them in forum. As the rumor churns.


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