Intel’s Gen12 iGPU to Feature the Largest Number of Execution Units Ever

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Intel’s Tiger Lake-based chips will probably offer a big boost in GPU performance. The first Gen12 iGPU has appeared on CompuBench, and it happens to have 96 execution units. That’s a healthy increase from high-end Skylake’s Iris Pro P580 (72 EUs) and Coffee Lake’s UHD 630 (24 EUs).

TechPowerUp estimates that the additional EUs will result in 40% better performance than Intel’s current iGPU solutions. Gen12 also features some substantial architectural changes (e.g., the EU’s prior responsibility of ensuring data coherency is now being offloaded to a reworked compiler) that should reduce latency.

The Gen12 iGPU that was benchmarked increases the EU count by 33% compared to Intel’s top performing iGPU – add to that performance increases through the “extensive architecture rework”, and we could be looking at an Intel iGPU part that achieves some 40% (speculative) better performance than their current best performer. The part was clocked at 1.1 GHz – and the Iris Pro P580 also clocked to that maximum clock under the best Boost conditions.


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