DOOM Eternal Won’t Have Deathmatch Because Modern Gamers Can’t Handle Losing

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In order to improve “player engagement,” id Software has reportedly dropped deathmatch from DOOM Eternal for “Battle Mode” and “Invasion,” two brand-new multiplayer modes that focus on teamwork and cooperative strategy rather than individual skillset. Based on recent comments by Creative Director Hugo Martin, at least part of it may be about appeasing crappy gamers:

“So if we come up on each other [in a Doom 2016 multiplayer match] and all the game is relying on from a design perspective is aiming and shooting, well there are going to be people who aim and shoot better than you and there’s pretty much nothing you can do about that,” Martin explained. “That made death a frustrating experience because it meant you were just better than me. In this game, I can overcome your incredible twitch skills with teamwork and strategy, which gives me a chance. Then it allows the game to have what 2016 had none of: metas. There’s some real depth to this experience.”

That’s a strange thing to say, being that deathmatch is a huge part of DOOM’s culture. And whatever happened to “git gud”?

Seriously, this is so wrong in so many levels. But hey, at least you now know why the game will not feature its classic deathmatch modes. Apparently, it’s more important to keep players happy and increase player engagement than to get good. In a competitive game.


Tsing Mui
News poster at The FPS Review.

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