Windows 10X Is Microsoft’s New OS for Dual-Screen Devices

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Microsoft has plenty of things planned for its Surface event tomorrow, but the majority of it has already leaked. One of the biggest announcements will be Windows 10X, a version of the OS specifically designed for dual-screen devices. Yes, that would imply that Microsoft’s fabled “Centaurus” machine really does exist and will be unveiled shortly.

The Surface Pro 7, Surface Laptop 3, and ARM-powered Surface 2-in-1 laptop have also been leaked. The latter is being described as a “Surface Tablet” by some due to its thinner profile and smaller bezels. All of these machines now feature USB-C ports.

While the tweet shared no images of the software, it states that Windows 10X is made to run on dual- and folding-screened devices. And that, compared to standard Windows 10, 10X might run applications in “containers.” As for what that means, 10X may lean on virtualization to run a majority of the apps over the internet instead of running them locally off of the hardware.


Tsing Mui
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