Cooler Master Wants You to ELV8

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Cooler master has come up with a nifty and simple way to alleviate sagging cards. As graphics cards continue to grow in size sagging has become an increasingly common issue. Glad to know I’m not the only one sagging as I get older.

Some use straps to hold their cards up but Cooler Master has announced the ELV8 universal graphics card holder. This bracket mounts easily to your case and is designed to protect your motherboard and gpu. I think most will appreciate it’s simplicity.

Source: Cooler Master

For those wanting some added RGB to draw more even attention they’ve got that covered too. The front side has a rgb strip that is controllable via RGB software. With the holidays around the corner this could be a nice thing to include for that special person you may buy a card for.


Peter Brosdahl
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