Rockstar’s Original Concept for Bully 2 “Fizzled Out” After “18 Months of Development”

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Judging by recent Easter eggs, Rockstar Games is still keen on drafting a sequel to their 2006 open-world schoolyard hit, Bully, but one thing appears to be certain: the original follow-up is dead and buried. VGC has new details on the development surrounding the original Bully 2, whose journey began over a decade ago in 2008.

According to various sources, Bully 2 brought back James “Jimmy” Hopkins and many of the first game’s characters. Rockstar New England spent a year and 18 months on Bully 2, which culminated in a playable version built using the same game engine that powered Grand Theft Auto 4/5, Max Payne 3, and Red Dead Redemption 1/2, but the sequel ultimately went nowhere and “fizzled out.”

“It existed, it was playable, it was just a shame it never got off the ground,” they said. Many developers that worked at Rockstar New England during the time period list an “unannounced game” on their CVs.


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