Intel Bringing Hyper-Threading to 2020’s Comet Lake Core i3 CPUs

As Ryzen’s value/performance grows, Intel has been persuaded to make another change to its future product stack. A new listing on the SiSoftware Official Live Ranker suggests that the company’s upcoming Comet Lake-based Core i3 CPUs will offer Hyper-Threading.

That would imply processors with four cores and eight threads. As OC3D notes, the new i3s, which are expected to launch next year, will effectively be modern variants of 2017’s Core i7 chips.

Comet Lake is due to be Intel’s next series of 14nm processors, and rumour has it that Intel’s entire core lineup will feature Hyperthreading, with a 10-core i9 processor sitting at the top. This would give i5 six cores and twelve threads, i7 eight cores and sixteen threads and i9 ten cores and twenty threads.


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