Infinity Ward Claims Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Won’t Have Loot Boxes

Infinity Ward’s art director, Joel Emslie, has taken to reddit to clarify the supposed misinformation and “incorrect info” that is being spread about the upcoming Call of Duty reboot. Emslie insists that Modern Warfare won’t have supply drops or any other kind of loot box system.

Sigh. There continues to be misinformed and incorrect info being pushed about Modern Warfare. What I can say right now is that we are definitely NOT working on any kind of supply drop or loot box system. Also, functional stuff is unlocked through GAMEPLAY. Stay tuned, we’re planning to release info this week.

The developer did admit that Modern Warfare would feature microtransactions, however. DSOGaming speculates that these should be for cosmetic items only.

It will be also interesting to see whether there will be any “time-save” items. Moreover, we are curious to see whether Activision will add any loot boxes after the game releases. We’ve seen this happening in the past, so this is something we should also take into consideration.


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