Intel Reportedly Eliminates 10 Nm Plans for Desktop; No 7 Nm until 2022

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Intel’s 10 nm “Ice Lake” and “Tiger Lake” architectures may be exclusive to the mobile platform. According to Hardwareluxx’s insider circles, Intel has scrapped its 10 nm plans for the desktop to focus on 7 nm manufacturing. Unfortunately, that generation (dubbed “Meteor Lake”) won’t debut until 2022.

“Comet Lake” will be succeeded in 2021 by the 14 nm “Rocket Lake” silicon, which somehow combines a Gen12 iGPU with “Skylake” derived CPU cores, and possibly increased core-counts and clock speeds over “Comet Lake.” It’s only 2022 that Intel will ship out a truly new microarchitecture on the desktop platform, with “Meteor Lake.” This chip will be built on Intel’s swanky 7 nm EUV silicon fabrication node, and possibly integrate CPU cores more advanced than even “Willow Cove,” possibly “Golden Cove.”


Tsing Mui
News poster at The FPS Review.

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