TechPowerUp Releases Powerful Tool Called NVCleanstall

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The folks over at TechPowerUp have released a nifty little program to help assist in the ever feature growing drivers from Nvidia. This new tool is called NVCleanstall. From telemetry to features that not all users want, or need, our display drivers have been accumulating things at astonishing rates in recent years. A number of people have mentioned workarounds for these various issues and there are other programs out there to do similar tasks but perhaps not a nicely as this one. Take a gander at just some of the optional items you can check or leave unchecked for an install.

Source: NVCleanstall screen capture

Elegant in it’s simplicity there’s probably a lot of users who might find this tool useful. Maybe you don’t need anything related to Ray Tracing/DLSS. Maybe you’re not going to use HDMI audio or a Shield Wireless controller. Of course there’s good old Telemetry. Sure Nvidia drivers do give us some of these choices but definitely not quite on this scale. If nothing else I recommend giving it a shot just to see if it suits your needs and they also have more screenshots showing other steps and options.


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