Alien Fan Game Takes It Back to Hadley’s Hope

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The Alien IP has endured a rocky history both on and off screen. There have been numerous games made thru the decades with varying levels of success, or at least positive reception from the fans. As much as I loved Alien Isolation the AvP games of the early 2000’s will always be my favorites. If you feel the same then this fan made retro project might be for you.

I admit there might not be much hope for this project if Disney/Fox shut it down as could be likely. A fan, IIapagokc, has taken on the ambitious project of telling the story of Hadley’s Hope in his game titled “Alien Hope for the Future”. The game appears to take place in the time frame prior to the discovery of the crashed Engineer ship leading up to when Ripley and the gang land.

From looking at the trailer it looks very much like those early Alien games from the 2000’s and using assets similar to the DX9.0c era mixed with some modern features. A lot of attention to detail regarding famous locations in Aliens is shown in the trailer. Here’s hoping for the best and that he can launch this project as planned. He does mention a patreon page at the end of the trailer. Credit to DSOG for reporting on this.

Got a favorite Alien game from the past? Let us know in the threads. It doesn’t matter it if was PC or console released.


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