Another day another exploit right? Well not quite so simple with this one. Discord, a fairly popular communications site for gamers, has been discovered to have a darker side. Founded in 2012 to very innocently provide a means for gamers to simply communicate with each other is being exploited for much more lucrative and illegal business ventures.

CBS News has reported that criminals have set up shops for marketing stolen credit card information among other things. Their detailed story has also shed light on other activities such as malware infestations and marketing of other personal information. They found more than three dozen so called “money servers”. For those looking at hotel options they’ve also discovered hacking of Hilton Honors accounts and odds are those may not be the only away from home options available.

It’s a shame. As long as there are means of communication there will be crime elements to exploit them. These days many are concerned with the dark web but this goes to show that there is plenty to be found in the light of day. A number of things taken down by the Feds on the dark web have managed to resurface on Discord. Let’s hope this doesn’t bring Discord down and that the owners can clean things up as it is a nice platform but be warned there are critters lurking in the shadows.


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Peter Brosdahl

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