New PCIe 4.0 NVMe AIC from AORUS Coming Soon!

We’ve been hearing about PCIe 4.0 storage options coming from Aorus over the last few months. One such item has been their new AORUS PCIe 4.0 Quadro NVMe AIC. This add in card will allow you to have up to four NVMe SSDs to take advantage of those incredibly fast PCIe 4.0 x16 speeds. Poised for pairing with the soon to be released Threadripper 3 series these could be just the thing for content creators or those simply wanting a fast and convenient place to provide storage as the TRX40 chipset only as two x16 slots.

As we’ve learned in recent years, SSD’s can actually generate substantial heat. Gigabyte has addressed this issue by using a cooling solution comprised cooling fan, copper heatsink, thermal pads, and a mid-loss pcb encased in a design very similar to GPU solutions. Eteknix has reported the card to be priced at approximately $130 and also hinted that it may actually be included with some new Gigabyte Motherboards.

With the holiday around the corner a number of builders may be eyeing new tech for their next build and new mobo/AIC combo could be a great way to start.


Peter Brosdahl
As a child of the 70’s I was part of the many who became enthralled by the video arcade invasion of the 1980’s. Saving money from various odd jobs I purchased my first computer from a friend of my dad, a used Atari 400, around 1982. Eventually it would end up being a lifelong passion of upgrading and modifying equipment that, of course, led into a career in IT support.

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